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Garden Coaching
Owner Carol Thomas will come to
your home to help you:   

  • Identify your Plants

  • Advise on Care and Pruning

  • Recommend Plants for Specific Areas

  • Recommend Optimal Plant Placement

  • Advise on Pest Management

Check out our "SERVICES" page for more details about arranging a visit by Carol to help you create your own beautiful garden haven!

These display gardens at Green Haven Garden Center were designed by Carol and other staff members.  

IMG_1725 (2).JPG

Green Haven Garden Center and the property at 1181 Hughes Drive are both available for sale. Please contact Anne LeBate of Segal-LeBate real estate for more information. 609-394-7557.

We are available for special orders, Garden Coaching, and landscaping. Please call 609-584-6930 for more information.


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