We now have American Beauty Native Plants

From Sunset Farmstead

~A Small, local Garden Nursery in Mansfield, NJ~


                 American Beauty Native Plants are:


                     1.  Straight species and their cultivars, with cultivars being selections of straight species that have not been hybridized                              with other species.

                    2.  Garden Collections that are perfect to attract birds and butterflies for both dry shade and moist sun beds.

                    3.  Helping the National Wildlife Federation to fund their "home habitat" work and outreach program.

                        (With every purchase up to $1.00 is donated to the NWF.)

asclepias incarnata.jpg
Cardinal Flower.jpg

Asclepias Incarnata

Aster Laevis

Lobelia Cardinalis

American Beauties - Large Image.jpg


BotanicalINTERESTS Seed Company!


Organic Italian

Genovese Basil

Organic Gourmet

Blend Beets

Organic Mesclun

Gourmet Baby Lettuce

Organic Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe Melons


Basil Blend Viva La Dolce Vita Org
Basil Holy/Tulsi Org
Basil Italian Genovese Org
Basil Thai Sweet Org
Cat Grass Mix Org
Cilantro/Coriander Org
Dill Bouquet Org
Mustard Mizuna Org
Parsley Flat Leaf Org
Shiso Perilla Green & Red

Arugula Rocket Org
Arugula Rocky/Wild Rocket Org
Bean Bush Contender Org
Bean Bush Trio
Bean Pole Scarlet Runner
Beet Gourmet Blend
Carrot Carnival Blend Org
Carrot Little Finger Org
Castor Bean Impala
Corn Sweet (yellow) Buttergold
Corn Sweet Painted Hill Org
Collards Georgia Southern
Cucumber Spacemaster
Cucumber Tasty Green Org
Kale Premier Blend



Lettuce Leaf Salad Bowl Blend Org

Lettuce Mesclun Chef's Choice

Lettuce Mesclun Gourmet Baby Org

Melon Cucamelon Mouse

Melon Minnesota Midget Org

Okra Cemson Spineless

Pea Snap Sugar Snap Org

Pea - Snow Oregon Sugar Pod Org

Pepper - Ancho/Poblano Chile Org

Pepper - California Wonder Sweet Org

Pumpkin Atlantic Giant

Pumpkin Sugar Pie Org

Radish Daikon White Org

Radish Easter Egg Blend

Scallion/Onion White Lisbon Bunch

Spinach Anna

Spinach Bloomsdale Org

Spinach Lavewa

Squash Summer Black Beauty Org

Squash Summer Cube Butter hybrid

Squash Summer Emerald Delight

Squash Summer Max's Gold

Squash Summer Scallop Org

Squash Winter Honeynut Org

Swiss Chard Five Color Org

Tomato - Artisian Bumble Bee Cherry Org

Tomato - Brandywine Red & Yellow Blend Pole Org

Watermelon Crimson Sweet Org


        We will also have available starter sets of garlic, onions, and potatoes. Varieties are:  GARLIC - California Jumbo; ONION/SHALLOT - Red Shallots and Stuttgarter Riesen Onions; and POTATOES - Amarosa, California White, German Butterball, Purple Majesty, Red Norland, and Russet Burbank.


Green Haven Garden Center is a small, locally owned garden center. Our goal is to make gardening fun for all ages and stages of life.


No Clue?  We can help you choose plants that thrive at your home. We can also help you create your outdoor haven from conception to installation.


No yard?  We can help you select beautiful container gardens for your patio, deck, or balcony. We can help you make your own, or we can make them for you.  


No time?  We have lots of easy care plants for both indoors and out.


Our goal is also to be  good public citizens of our community. We do not sell invasive plants and work hard to minimize our use of herbicides and pesticides.

Garden Coaching

Owner Carol Thomas will come to your home to help you:   

  • Identify your Plants

  • Advise on Care and Pruning

  • Recommend Plants for Specific Areas

  • Recommend Optimal Plant Placement

  • Advise on Pest Management



Check out our "SERVICES" page for more details about 

arranging a visit

by Carol to help you create your

own beautiful

garden haven! 



These display

gardens at

Green Haven

Garden Center were designed by Carol and other staff members.  Please come to view

them on your

next visit!

We are now partnered with Bower & Branch, Trees for Life!

You can order mature trees directly from

Bower & Branch and have them delivered to Green Haven.

Check out our Shop Trees  page to see the

various delivery and planting options available to you.

Magnolia - Butterflies.jpg

Magnolia Trees

Currently available at Green Haven

Magnolia - Jane.jpg
                                    ~  For special requests
                                    ~  For special orders
                                    ~  For Garden Coaching 
                                    ~  With your questions
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