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Garden Coaching


Hostas - Perfect for a shady spot!

           We Can:

  • identify your plants

  • advise on care and pruning

  • recommend plants for specific areas

  • recommend optimal plant placement

  • advise on pest management

Syringa - 'Miss Kim'.jpg

Lilacs - They are totally deer resistant!


Garden Coaching

Do you want a more beautiful yard or garden?  We can help you get it.

Don't know what those plants in your yard are?  We can identify them and help you decide what to keep, what to move, or what to remove.


Don't know how to take care of your plants?  We can teach you how to prune, fertilize, water, divide or relocate plants.


Not sure what's wrong with your plants?  We can help identify the insect, disease, or condition that's ailing your plants and suggest the appropriate treatment.


Not sure how to design and create a garden?  We can guide you through the process (It's fun!) and help you choose plants that will thrive. 


Want to have your existing garden improved or a new one created?  We will team up with our experienced, licensed, and insured landscaping partner to get the job done. 

We want you to be a successful gardener and will help you create the garden of your dreams.


Your Garden Expert


Carol Thomas

Owner of Green Haven Garden Center

Studied Landscape Architecture at

Cook College, Rutgers University


Horticultural Classes:

Woody Plants I

Woody Plants II

Landscape Plants

Beds and Borders

Environmental Design

History of Landscape Architecture

Design Graphics

Landscape Design I

Landscape Design II


American Horticultural Society

NJ Nursery & Landscape Association

Philadelphia Horticultural Society

Perennial Plants Association

herbs-clipart-fern-10 - cropped.jpg
herbs-clipart-fern-10 - cropped.jpg

Call or stop by
Green Haven Garden Center
to arrange your
Coaching Hour
with Carol.


Cost - $75.00
Travel to your home within ten miles in included.

We also offer follow-up care with
Garden Design and Installation.

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