Evergreen Shrubs

Shady Shrubs

These plants require more than 3 hours of sunlight but less than 6 hours.

(Most of these plants will also do well in full shade which is defined as 3 or less hours of sunlight and no afternoon sun.)

Sunny Shrubs

These Plants Require Six Hours of Direct Sunlight!

"Palibin' Lilac

'Miss Kim' Lilac

Deciduous Shrubs

'Southern Gentleman' Winterberry

'Pocomoke' Crape Myrtle

'Goldflame' Spirea

'Blue Heaven' Buddliea Petitie

'Munchkin' Oakleaf Hydrangea

Evergreen Shrubs

'Steeds' Japanese Holly

'Compacta' Japanese Holly

'Sky Pencil'

Japanese Holly

'Franklins Gem'

Korean Boxwood

'Gold Mop' Cypress

'Winter Gem' Boxwood

'Gold Cone' Juniper

shady shrubs

Partial Sun or Partial Shade Means 4-6 Hours of Sunlight Each Day.

Full Shade Means Less Than 4 Hours of Sunlight Each Day.

'Louise Gable' Azalea

'Mountain Fire'
Japonica Andromeda

'White Rosebud' Azalea